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Have you ever dreamed of being a Beatle insider? Sitting next to Ringo at Abbey Road studios chatting about whatever comes to mind? Perhaps we have the next best thing.

You can email Ken, Former U.S. Manager of Apple Records, your questions about the Beatles, Apple, his spiritual journey or the music, people, and times of the sixties.

Ken will respond to the most interesting and thought provoking questions by posting the answers on this web page. In addition he will respond directly and personally by e-mail to as many questions as possible. Read the feedback now!

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Question: Hi Ken, just found your site--excellent! Two questions: Is there an "official" sanctioned by the Beatles and/or Apple Corp. FAN SITE on the web? If so, what is it--I've been looking for the past week and can't seem to find one. Also, what Beatles sites do you recommend as being in the top 5? Thanks for your time. Sincerely, P. Ruehs

Answer: While there is no official Beatles or Apple site on the web, the official party line can best be found at http://www.hollywoodandvine.com

A great site for news, TV updates, etc. is http://www.best.com/~abbeyrd/index.shtml

Another good one (this is a British one) is http://www.liv.ac.uk/imp/beatles/

Some of these will link you to other sites. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!


Question: Hello Ken,we have a one-sided Beatles Christmas album from KYA 1260 Radio, San Francisco. It is in mint conditionm has a red label & came in a white paper sleeve. Can you give us any history, present value or any info you might have? Thank you for your help and time. . . Peace, Grover, Julie & Shadow Bonham.

Answer: The Beatles recorded and released Christmas messages for their fan club members from 1963 - 1969. The records were 7 inch, two-sided, 33/13 rpm
flexi discs. The fan club released a 12 inch compilation of all 7 messages
on the Apple label to its members in 1970. The record you describe doesn't
sound like any of those. It's possible that KYA had one or many of the
messages transfered to disc to enable them to better play them on the air.
Your record serves as an interesting curiosity, but I don't think its a
legitimate Beatles/Capitol/ Apple/Beatles' Fan Club release.


Question: Your book looks great--I will buy it this week!!!!!!!!! My comment is: the 60's would have been a very dull era without the songs of the Lennon/McCartney team. To your knowledge, are there any more album projects or re-issues in the works, and are they ever gonna re-issue the film "Let it Be" in stereo surround? Spanky

Answer: There is rumour of a fall 2000 "Greatest Hits" double CD by Capitol which would replace the double sets "62-66" and "67-70". I haven't heard anything about a re-release of the "Let it Be" film on video.

You can keep updated on Beatle news through many great web sites. Here are two to get you started:





Question: What happened with Badfinger leaving Apple? They were the only non-Beatles act that really made Apple a label into the early 70's. Who else really sold more albums besides them?

Answer: Although they never had a #1 record, Badfinger sold well for Apple through 1972. Due to a disastrous relationship with their manager at the time, the band made very little money from their success. They also felt as though they consistently got the short end of the stick from Apple. Their last Apple album flopped and they signed with Warner Brothers Records. Their relationship with WB was a disaster, even though they made one really great album, Wish You Were Here, that was selling fairly well in 1974 until, in a management dispute, the label pulled it from the shelves. One band member quit. Lead singer and songwriter Pete Ham committed suicide in 1975. Badfinger reformed with various band members a number of times, and suicide took another original member in the early eighties.

Comment: Ken-- I have just completed your book, and would like to commend you on a fabulous writing. Although I was saddened by what was revealed on page 297, I know that the tremendous faith you have acquired will see you through and allow you to always be at peace.

Being a musician, having my own rock band during the late 60's and early 70's, I am and have always been a tremendous Beatles fan. To me they were the best. Your book brought back a lot of memories and provided insight into things only a Beatles insider like yourself would know. I found your stories extremely interesting.

I am also a sincere Christian with a deep-rooted, unshakeable faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and the power and strength He ads to my life every day. I found your journey toward a new found faith and your conviction to prayer in your everyday life both moving and strengthening.

At age 45, I have never been to Bodega Bay. But by reading your book, I have traveled its beautiful coast line in my mind and continue to see its splendor as I drift into my thoughts. I hope to have the time to visit this special place one day in person.

Thank You once again, for a most worthy and poignant book.

Richard R. Santore


Comment: Ken: I hope my writing finds you in good spirits, and that the Lord is encouraging you on your walks along the ocean front to write another book.

I've had the pleasure of sending copies of your book to two of my children and some friends. I will be pleased to let you know there response. My son is in the music business in LA and I thought it might prove insightful to him.

Christine and I continue our efforts to find a way to bring Faith into the workplace. I view "work "as a process of allocating God's resources for the benefit of his people, while alive on this earth. You can only imagine how Wall Street views this thinking

Your writing has helped me think of different ways that I can use a business to serve the Lord; however, I must admit that it is very difficult in a business and work environment when few people share God's word. Our work will continue, as it has in the past.

Your Brother in Christ,
Jim Mastandrea


Comment: Ken--Just finished your book. Thank you for writing it; it spoke to me on several levels.

I had some records out on MCA Nashville in the early 90's. I had a few top tens and a couple #1's. "Leap of Faith" and "I Watched It All On My Radio" were my biggest. I am currently exploring new ways of marketing my music. The past few years have been challenging ones, but good ones in terms of growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

As a fellow seeker of God's will (that is the primary occupation of my life), I appreciate your heart for Christ and the path that brought you to Him. Thank you for sharing your story. May His peace rule in your heart.

In Him,
Lionel Cartwright

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