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As a record producer to many famous recording artists over the years, I have become used to product review and criticism. Therefore I will now take a different approach to this whole process and pre-answer the predictable criticism of the ramblings found bound between these covers.

To those who suggest that this is really two different books, I gently respond, "No it isn't." I can't write about recollections of the places I have been without the foundational realities of where I am now. If I had written this book twenty years ago, the chapters sandwiched between my Beatles remembrances would have probably been about drugs, rock concerts, and wild parties. My hard years in the music business are the reasons why I have now found a soft place out of the mainstream.

Photography by Connie MansfieldMy nature has always been to live in the extremes. Nothing was more extreme than life in the fast lane of the entertainment world; nothing is more extremely beautiful than the peace I have now in my musings here on the edge of nowhere. The Beatles stories are mainly about my twenties and thirties, when my hormones were raging at an intensity matched only by my unbridled ambition. Now that the sun and the greater part of my daredevil determinations are simultaneously sinking slowly into the western horizon, I ask the reader to look at these times in a complete framework of what ultimately our lives are all about. If I had had any concept then about the whole picture, I would have probably planned things a little differently.

Photography by Jane CovnerI hope everyone who reads this can find themselves somewhere in these chapters and will be surprised in the realization of how much there eventually is to each of us. The younger man in London-on top of the Apple building (and the world!) as he watches the Beatles perform for the last time-and the older man on a remote Sonoma beach-on his knees looking out to sea and into the heart of his Creator-are the same person. Yes, this is one story.

It is written in the present, but it relives the call of the rock and roll world that still rings in my ears like a restless echo out of the past. It also reflects ahead to another roll call from the "Rock of Eternity"-eternity: the long part of our existence--that lives in my heart like a peaceful cool stream flowing into my future.

Every man and every woman must have three elements to qualify for existence: a past, a present, and a future. If one of these is missing-then so are you!

For those who still insist that this is two different books, then consider the Beatles, the Bible, and Bodega Bay as a "two for one" offer. If that doesn't work and the "other" stuff is of no interest, simply treat it like a hamburger-take the meat out and just eat the lettuce.

Enjoy-and as John Lennon's mother once told him: "You've eaten the spuds, now give peas a chance."

Ken Mansfield
Ken Mansfield

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